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-The Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X is safe and effective on most hair and skin tones. Before using, the Tria sets the correct intensity of the laser based on your hair color and skin tone using an integrated sensor. Five levels ensure a correct laser intensity for all skin types.

-Tria uses a diode lasers to disable the hair follicle by heating the hair root with laser energy. Other brands of hair removers use IPL or Intense Pulsed Light to heat the pigment in the hair root. Tria’s diode laser delivers 3 times more energy than IPL hair removers. When comparing the intensity of light output between an IPL device (like Silk'n or Venus Silk Extra) and Tria's laser, you must also consider the size of the treatment area. Tria's laser is smaller than the treatment area of the IPL units but Tria's extra energy output kills the hair follicle faster. The bottom line is whether you want to spend more time on each treatment and use the laser fewer times or spend less time on each application but apply more treatments.

-Tria has a skin sensor that automatically sets the laser to the correct level for your skin tone. Laser can also be manually adjusted.

-Because Tria has the highest intensity light, it will work better on those with light hair.

-Unit will only flash when tip is touching skin. Tria has glide mode which allows you to glide the laser while it pulses continuously on the skin saving time on large areas.

-One charge provides 30 minutes of treatment time. 30 minutes is the average time it takes to complete one leg.

-Provides approximately 200,000 pulses (500 charges with each charge delivering 400 laser pulses). This will of course vary with each individual

-The Tria is the most expensive unit at $449 for the full size Tria 4X model and $239 for the compact Tria Precision model shown right. The Precision is designed for use on hard to reach areas and also has the advantage of being more easily carried on vacation etc.

-90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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The Tria Laser Hair Removal System is one of the leaders in both efficiency and technology. Since 1993, Tria has been producing what physicians world wide call the "Gold Standard" for permanent laser hair removal. Best of all, the Tria system is the first laser product to be FDA approved for home use employing the diode laser technology. It is the closest you will come to having a commercial quality laser in your home.

The Tria provides a gentle way to permanently disable the hair follicle resulting in smooth, hair free skin that is unavailable with waxing or shaving. This perfect combination of unprecedented results and the ability to use in the privacy of your own home is what makes the Tria Laser Hair Remover the number one seller around the world.

In as little as 2-3 home treatments, you will feel silky, smooth skin that only a genuine laser hair remover can offer. Your skin will look better than it ever has and feel smoother than ever before. No more stubble or irritated skin. With Tria, It will look like there was never hair growing at all. Try the Tria Laser Hair Removal System today.