Laser Hair Removal

Silkn, No No & Tria Hair Remover

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Silkn Laser Hair Removal SystemThe Silkn SensEpil Hair Removal System is available in two styles - The Blue & SensEpil Pink. Let's look at a quick review.

Both models use advanced IPL technology (
Intense Pulsed Light technology). IPL is not technically a laser but works the exact same way by using high intensity light to inhibit hair growth. The Sens Epil is the upgraded model also known as the "Pink". It has a few extra bells and whistles and is bundled into several convenient combination kits that include extra bulbs, skin moisturizers etc. 

SensEpil For Laser Hair Removal

The Silk'n is considered by far the market leader in home hair removal due to its user satisfaction ratings, ease of use and competitive pricing. Also important to note is it is the only IPL Hair Removal System approved by both dermatologists and the FDA.

The Sens Epil uses a highly advanced Intense Pulsed Light technology that allows shorter treatment sessions with faster results than its competitors. It allows a full leg treatment in 30 minutes or less and also has a built in skin sensor that monitors your personal skin condition preventing irritation and burning. You will see results after just two to four applications the same as salon applied treatments. When you compare the Silkn vs Tria and No No, its unbeatable price make it one of the best values for your dollar. Try the Sens Epil Laser Hair Removal System today.