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Tria Laser Hair Removal System
Tria Laser

The Tria Laser Hair Removal System is a gorgeous combination of technology and ergonomic design. It comes complete with a sleek, white carrying case, charger and skin tone sensor. Also included in the package are complete and easy to understand instructions along with FAQ guide. It has 5 power settings so you can adjust the intensity of the laser. This allows you to apply a treatment with absolutely no discomfort. Prices start at $439

Tria Specifications

Silk n Laser Hair Removal SystemSilk'n Sensepil

The Silk n Laser Hair Removal System (also known as the SensEpil) is clinically proven to be effective at the permanent removal of all types of body hair. The Silkn laser uses Pulsed Light, IPL technology to create a completely safe, easy to use hair removal system. It provides a lifetime of personal treatments at a fraction of the cost of visiting your physicians office.
It has 5 power settings so you can adjust the intensity of the laser. The System comes with the Silk'n instructional DVD and quick start guide, user manual, 4 replacement lamp cartridges, and power cord. Prices start at $449


                                                                 Silk N SensEpil Specifications

No No Hair RemoverNo No

The No No Hair Removal System works like the laser and IPL units using heat to disable the hair follicle. The difference is the No No can be used on any skin tone. The cost of the kit depends on if you get the New 8800 model or the Older 8000 model. The difference is the new 8800 is smaller and has a slightly smaller application area. The 8800 is also more expensive at around $200. Both come with everything you need to immediately start using. Prices start at $169

No No Specifications