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No No Hair Removal SystemTry No No Hair Remover

The No No Hair Remover is manufactured by Radiancy. It employs their patented Thermicon Heat Technology. This method uses heat instead of light or laser to remove hair. The No No uses a micro heat transference filament to transfer heat through the hair strand. This performs the same function as a laser or IPL but the important difference is that it can be used on ANY SKIN TYPE.

Designed for home use, it is light weight and the most comfortable to hold. It is so simple to use, you will be applying your first treatment within minutes of opening the box! Just move the No No over the desired treatment area and the micro filament lightly contacts the hair above the surface of the skin. The application of the heat to the hair actually dissolves it as the heat transfers through the hair under the skin to the follicle. The heat transferred to the follicle causes permanent damage and prevents the hair from growing back. During treatment, you will feel absolutely nothing.

There are 2 different styles off No No hair remover available.
The New 8800 model and the Older 8000 model. The new No No 8800 is smaller and has a slightly smaller treatment area allowing more precise application. This can be useful for small areas like the upper lip or eyebrows. The 8800 is also more expensive at around $270 while the NoNo 8000 is about $170. My advice is to buy the less expensive 8000 (if you can find one). It is really very easy to use on small parts and with the larger treatment area, application times on larger areas are shorter.

This proven technology has a 100% success rate in hair removal. The No No is completely suitable for any skin tone. One treatment session of an entire leg takes 10 to 15 minutes. It is cordless and the charger works with 110V or 220V. This is a great unit at a great price. Try the No No Hair Removal System today.